Penetration Testing

About Penetration Testing

The key to understanding where a business or network stands is to constantly check it for vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing (Pen Test) is a simulated cyber attack against Webserver (Frontend/Backend), Applications,

Network-Infrastructures and it is a must-know skill for an aspiring or professional IT specialist.


What is a penetration test?

A penetration test is an IT security audit of your IT infrastructure, defences, employees and systems. This is carried out on your behalf by a certified penetration tester / ethical hacker. This person has a mastery of the techniques needed to penetrate a network, and with the company’s knowledge and consent, will do everything they can to try and get in.

More times than not, when a network is compromised, it’s not because of the applications installed, but the initial configuration.

SHELL-AFFECT specializes in offensive attacks. We teach our students the techniques and skills they need to perform successful penetration tests for their organization or clients’ networks.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is Just What the Doctor Ordered

If you’re a CEO or other non-tech specialist, then penetration testing can seem like a waste of time. Why would you want to expose problems with your network? When we work with these people, we compare it to taking your kid to the doctor. You want to make sure that they’re as healthy as possible, so testing the vulnerabilities of your website and network is key to ensuring it’s secure.

When CEOs consider hiring a penetration tester, these are their typical questions:

Do I need a penetration test at all?

How much does a penetration test cost?

How long will it take?

In short, a penetration test is always useful. Many companies hire a penetration tester only after the company has been exposed to a hacking attack. Because they think they are uninteresting for hackers and would therefore not be considered as the target of a hacker attack. However, it is a mindset that hackers often make use of. That’s precisely the same scenario when you get sick yourself. Most people go to a doctor only when they are already ill and not to prevent the disease.



Why You Need a Penetration Test?

As someone responsible for the health and safety of your network or to explain it to that person, these are the primary reasons to conduct a test and the benefits of using a trusted tester.


Peace of Mind

Your customers care about the safety of their data and you can’t violate that trust. A penetration test will ensure everything is safe and secure.


Your network should function seamlessly without any hiccups or loopholes that disrupt functionality.


When a company violates their customers’ trust, it’s almost impossible to regain it. Avoid losing it in the first place through frequent penetration tests.

Ease of Use

With a safe, modernized system, customers can expect a great experience using your website.


With great technology and ease of use, your customers will see your products and services as more valuable than competitors.

Increased Conversions

With a good product and a solid technical store front to sell them through, you can increase the rate at which customers buy your products.

Exclusive Features of SHELL-AFFECT

  1. When using SHELL-AFFECT to perform a penetration test, you have the choice of performing it either manually or automatically.
  2. All penetration tests are performed according to OSSTMM, OWASP and PTES standards.
  3. You’re in the loop and stay up to date with your system’s security.
  4. Receive support to fix any vulnerabilities found.
  5. SHELL-AFFECT will sign an NDA to keep your information between your company and theirs.
  6. Receive a free penetration test to double-check after the first.
  7. Results are presented in a detailed document in an easy to understand way.

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