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Penetration Testing Online Course

SHELL-AFFECT focuses on Real-World Penetration Testing training, education and service

for businesses and individuals.

Who is this course for?

This course was created for Administrators, Information Security specialists,

and security enthusiasts. In cooperation with HackTheBox and the

0x00sec CommunitySHELL-AFFECT has created a new, professional,

and modern self-paced online course that teaches all the essential

components of penetration testing that every penetration tester needs for

their career in information security.

Besides the technical skills, students will learn to optimize their learning process,

which will significantly improve their learning speed and learning methodology.

In this course, the students will learn not only to develop their methodology

but also to perfect it.

What makes this course special?

This online course will be continuously updated and extended. At certain

intervals, new content will be added in which the students will learn new

and current techniques and vulnerabilities. You’ll also get permanent access

to a chat room where you can get assistance, support and inspiration

from administrators and other students. Among others, this Online Course

covers the following topics:

Learning Process   –   Organization   –   Documentation

OSI Model & TCP/IP in practice   –   Critical thinking & analysis

OWASP Top 10 (2017)

Download the full syllabus to see all covered topics.

Students Feedback

who tested this course

I have learned a lot about different ways to manage workload and taking a different perspective on solving problems. The most interesting part about this course so far has been the way he explains what thinking outside the box is and how problems only become problems. With the time I have been able to spend with this course so far, I have found the different ways of thinking most interesting, and it gave me a new perspective on solving “problems”. I can’t wait to continue diving deeper into this course.


SHELL-AFFECT – Baseline is a unique, informative and professionally made course for hackers in all stages of their Cyber Security journey. The content is thoroughly thought out, well designed, and superbly organized. I have never been able to say the same for any course in Cyber Security, this course is certainly something special.

SecGus (OSCP)

My favorite part has been the exercise with thinking outside of the box and how something is only a problem when you bring emotion into it.
Like woah, that’s good! Also the part about having goals is cool as well.
Knowing what you are working towards helps definitely a different mind set than what I am used to and I like the new perspective that it has given me.


Training Environment


To provide the best possible training environment and to improve the learning process of the

students as much as possible, this course gives every student

one year VIP access for the world’s largest penetration testing training Lab from HackTheBox.

This Lab has over 130 different vulnerable systems and over 89 challenges that you can use

to practice and perfect your penetration testing skills.




ID verification


Course Material


Practice Lab



Examination & Certification


Every student can be certified as


after a supervised exam. The certificate confirms your intermediate skills

as a penetration tester according to the highest quality standards (learn more).


Limited offer

Only until release!



Euro349€Only until release!


Release Date: 

November 15, 2019


Technical requirements


at least 8 GB RAM

Disk Space:

at least 20 GB


at least 2 GHz Quad-core

Operating System:

at least Windows 10 /

Ubuntu 18.04

Internet Connection:

at least 16 MBit/s


One Google Account