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Penetration Testing

Learn and conduct penetration tests through real-world scenarios,

advice, and professional guidance.

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Learn the Future of Cyber Security

Cybercrimes cost individuals and businesses billions of dollars every year, which is why every IT specialist and developer should have a working knowledge of preventing them. Key to that mission is understanding the penetration test, where you try to poke holes in a company’s IT architecture. Learning this has been a challenge for years, but with our proven self-paced method, anyone can learn these advanced skills.

The Four Dangers to Cyber Security

Too Much information

There are too many technologies, protocols, programming languages, and scenarios to deal with. Learning all this takes a lot of time, which most of us are short one. This means only few people have mastered them, and they’re at the top of the curve in the tech world.


Our solution is in our learning process. Each student learns, in addition to technical skills, to adapt new information individually and keep an overview. Each student’s learning methodology is developed and perfected to speed up the learning process many times over.

Penetration Testing


Attacks Advance Faster Than Solutions

Every day, dozens of new attack methods are published on various technologies that show how attackers can access data or infiltrate networks and systems. All this information is distributed throughout the Internet and cannot be found in a single place. Following all these publications and knowing what to look for to prevent them can be very costly and time-consuming  for companies.


The solution is to treat cybersecurity like the ongoing threat it is, and train students with a course that is updated and expanded throughout the year with the latest information.

Outdated Methodologies

Even the most well-intentioned, bright minds in IT are human, and many are teaching last year’s information in their courses.

With the way that cyberthreats advance, you can’t afford to learn last year’s information because it’s already out of date.


Our solution is a newly developed teaching structure designed so our students can learn the latest information at their own pace.


Penetration Testing

IT Security Specialists on Autopilot

A competent IT security specialist not only works with automatic tools but also has a structured and planned work and procedure that requires manual techniques and adaptation. It is not enough to test different techniques. It is necessary to develop strategic and analytical thinking skills. Achieving this requires a particular working environment and scenarios that not many can offer.


The solution is to work with a educator that knows their stuff. In cooperation with HackTheBox, we provide our students with a unique and the most massive training environment in the world, which is continuously updated and expanded. The 0x00sec community provides our students with the highest quality forum where they can share their experiences and knowledge with other experts in a variety of fields. Each student has the opportunity to take a unique and newly developed exam to prove that they meet the highest standards.


Who is This Penetration Testing Course For?

This course is for all IT security enthusiasts who want to take a professional step into cyber security

and have decided to bring their skills to an intermediate level.


We created this course for:

Administrators Software Developers Penetration Testers

Information Security Specialists Security Enthusiasts

Examination & Certification

Every student can be certified as


after a supervised exam.

The certificate confirms your intermediate skills

as a penetration tester according to the highest quality standards (learn more).

What’s Included with Your Sign Up:


+ Unlimited access to course material

+ Unlimited access to an internal chat room

+ Unlimited access to the 0x00sec Community

+ Unlimited support by administrators

+ One year VIP access to HackTheBox

What Our Past Students Are Saying:

… Other similar penetration testing training and certification programs that come close to the content of Shell Affect is old and desperately needs updated. The other component of Shell Affect training that really stands out to me is that it emphasizes the penetration tester and, by association, the cyber attacker mindset which is much more important than training individual attack techniques. …

Sean Nobles (OSCP, CCNP, NSE4, MBA)

… With the shell-affect course, I was expecting it to be an intermediate course but once I received the course material, it became evident that the Shell-Affect course was on-par with OSCP and I would be challenged significantly … and what I have found so far is that the course has a focus on teaching you the skills to think outside the box. This I think is a vital skill that is sometimes overlooked. …

Imp0st3r (OSCP, CompTIA Pentest+)

Read all the feedbacks here.

SHELL-AFFECT – Baseline is a unique, informative and professionally made course for hackers in all stages of their Cyber Security journey.

The content is thoroughly thought out, well designed, and superbly organized. I have never been able to say the same for any course in Cyber Security, this course is certainly something special.

SecGus (OSCP)

Work with:

  • Bash
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • PowerShell
  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Assembler


Euro399€until 23rd December

Learn to attack:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Web
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • DNS
  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMTP

Technical requirements


at least 8 GB RAM

Disk Space:

at least 20 GB


at least 2 GHz Quad-core

Operating System:

at least Windows 10 /

Ubuntu 18.04

Internet Connection:

at least 16 MBit/s


One Google Account

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ID verification


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